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BPM meets Industrie 4.0 – Modellbasierte Produktion in einer intelligenten Lego-Fabrik (CeBIT’16 Preview)

Industry 4.0 as an innovation project within the framework of the Federal Government’s high-tech strategy describes the pioneering production of the future and thus an exciting vision: the real world in the form of the plant components and the product itself grows a stronger bond to the virtual world, creating Cyber-physical systems in Smart Factories. As a result, production processes are changing in an unprecedented manner. They become highly flexible and thus allow for the predominantly automated production of small quantities with a high variety.

This flexibility places completely new demands on the management of Smart Factories in general and on production planning and control in particular. An integrated planning and modelling of the product and production process, with sufficient degrees of freedom, is essential. It must also be clarified how and via which information the production plants and information systems involved in the value creation, communicate with each other. The future challenges to the vision of the industry 4.0 thus include not only intelligent production as such, but rather the intelligent design of the entire production chain, from the supply chain right through to warehouse management and logistics.

In this context, the Lego Showcase presents in an innovative scenario the use of business process management methods for industry 4.0. A flexible production process for the production of Lego tractors in different variants is initially instanced on the basis of a descriptive production and product model in the form of a process model. This is embedded in a total model for the value added, related to the concrete product, within the Smart-Lego-Factory. Out of this, the fully automated control and monitoring of the real value added is carried out in a cyber-physical system. These range from the parts supply to the actual production up to the quality control at the „end-of-line“ and the warehouse logistics. In this case, human actors, for example in the parts feed and assembly, are also realistically involved. Using the RefMod-Miner, the entire value added is controlled and visualized and analysed in real-time on the model. This allows both, foresighted errors to be avoided and proactive responses to possible errors.

We look forward to your visit at the CeBIT 2016 at the DFKI stand (Hall 6, booth B48)!

Here are some impressions beforehand: