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Federal President Gauck visits BPMSmartLego®-Factory

As part of his visit to the Saarland on May 2, 2016, Federal President Gauck visited DFKI in Saarbrücken, together with the Diplomatic Corps and Minister President Kramp-Karrenbauer. In this context, we were also able to welcome Mr. Gauck to our BPMSmartLego® factory. The production of tractors from Lego building blocks was impressively demonstrated in the intelligent and process-model-controlled demo factory. In the showcase, the RefMod-Miner is used for controlling and monitoring of the plant. The result, a custom-made tractor, was handed over to the visibly enthusiastic Federal President.






Professor Wahlster: “We are proud that Federal President Gauck has honoured us with his visit as a stop for the information and meeting trip of the Diplomatic Corps. We see this as an expression of the appreciation for DFKI and our position as a centre of excellence and innovation in the scientific and industrial environment. ”

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