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Business Process Analysis

Basic concept:

Within the framework of the process analysis, log data are to be linked with a process model in order to be able to examine the logged process sequences in more detail. In this case, a present process model is enriched by means of log data in order to enable a detailed process analysis.


How the RefMod-Miner works:

Within the RefMod-Miner, various statistical values are calculated with respect to the log data. This includes, among other things, information about the frequencies and execution times of the different process instances, as well as the number of loops that are contained in the log data.



Statistical value of the log life


With the help of the RefMod-Miner, additional information about the frequencies and execution times of individual functions can also be called up. In addition, it is possible to examine individual process executions more precisely. Various statistical values, such as frequencies and execution times, are also calculated for this purpose. The additional information calculated using the log data is stored in the graphic representation of the process model. The individual edges, for example, are provided with the corresponding design probabilities. By clicking on a node or an edge, the corresponding values can be viewed.